C A Management offers a service that spans from day-to-day management and logistics arrangements through to more strategic planning, legal and business management issues. We are proud to represent the following roster:

Jon Atkinson

Jon is a talented composer and musician with a number of TV credits to his name. He has a number of production, gaming, film and TV projects in development.

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Sir George Martin CBE

We began representing the legendary Sir George in 1998 and have looked after his music and associated work ever since. We continue to act on behalf of the Martin family in all aspects of his work.

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Giles Martin

We have been working with Giles for over 20 years now. He is currently working on a number of studio-based, stage, film and TV projects.

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Sandstone Veterans

Psychedelic-electro-rock-tune-smithery of the first order.

Velvet Jones

Indie rock, once described as Mott The Hoople for the modern age, but probably a bit more than that.